1. My Golden Retriever

  2. Art Paul recites Psalm23

  3. I Woke Up With Your Girlfriend

  4. Noises In The Bedroom

  5. Show Us What You've Got

  6. We've Gotta Job For You
    art paul schlosser

  7. Nothing

  8. Megan

  9. I Wasn't Trying To Give You My Number (Parody of No Scrubs)

  10. I Wish You A CheeseBurger Christmas

  11. I Like Your Hat

  12. What The Blues Are Like

  13. Milk Crate Challenge Song

  14. Lets Be Friends written by Art Paul Schlosser
    Kathleen Camille King

  15. Art Paul plays Whitesnake

  16. What Will You Do Feat Tim Finnegan

  17. Happy Anniversary written by Art Paul Schlosser
    Kathleen Camille King

  18. Richman cover by Kathleen Camille King written by Art Paul Schlosser and Daniel Krill
    Kathleen Camille King

  19. Love Everybody

  20. I Made You Famous

  21. Black Lives Matter

  22. Las Ketchup Parody by Art Paul Schlosser

  23. Happy Anniversary

  24. Plastic Bottle Rap

  25. It's The 4th of July

  26. Let's Get Dehydrated

  27. God Bless America by Art Paul

  28. Hallelujah I'm A Bum

  29. The Guitar Version of the Paranoid Person's Anthem (Everyone's Out To Get You)

  30. What The World Needs Now

  31. Psalm 46 verse 1 by Art Paul

  32. In A Fish Eye

  33. Black Lives Matter
    art paul schlosser

  34. What Wondrous Love Is This

  35. Art Paul Covers Paint IT Black by the Rolling Stones

  36. Not in the House Please

  37. Pet Your Dog(a I Want To Hold Your Hand Parody)

  38. The Star Spangled Banner Done Differently

  39. Playing Piano With My Stomach

  40. You Can Vote

  41. Sing A Song Art Paul style

  42. Cellphone

  43. aRE yOU mY uBER

  44. Ode To Mr Beast (Jimmy Donaldson)

  45. Zombies Are Coming

  46. Don't Stand So Close to Me

  47. Serenade You

  48. That's How We Roll
    The Schlosser-Kammer Project

  49. Shooting Me Down

  50. Art Paul Schlosser "Your Cheatin Heart"

  51. Happy Father's Day

  52. America America (Rock N Roll Style)

  53. Crazy a Willie Nelson Cover
    Art Paul Schlosser singing a Willie Nelson song

  54. The Stephen Colbert Song

  55. Time To Clean Your Refrigerator with Robin Good

  56. My God ( My Girl by the Temptations)

  57. You're Creepin' Me Out

  58. The Lake with Eddie Ellefson
    Art Paul Schlosser & Eddie Ellefson

  59. I'm Blue Because I'm Not Blue Enough To Sing The Blues

  60. Give Me All Your Love

  61. It's Over with Eddie Ellefson
    Art Paul Schlosser & Eddie Ellefson


Art Paul Schlosser Madison, Wisconsin

Hi, I'm Art Paul Schlosser a local street musician on State street in Madison, WI who has mess around with different styles of recording and has released over 40 different CDs including my newest one We Duet Right which has Duet with a bunch of my friends. My music has been play on Dr Demento various college stations and I've been on MTV, America's Got Talent and Colbert has mentioned me on his ... more

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